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Adi Burrack

Engineering and Product
Joined AlphaSights



Tel Aviv, Israel


Ben-Gurion University, BS in Industrial Engineering; Eastern University, MS in Data Science (in-progress)


Hiking, reading

Why did you join AlphaSights?
When I first heard about AlphaSights, I was really fascinated with the knowledge services world; I was keen to learn more and leverage my data background to help grow the company.

Tell me about your position at AlphaSights.
My role is all about leveraging data to drive impact. We work on projects that vary in size and type  but are consistent in the overall flow. This includes understanding the businesses’ needs, data analysis to gain more insights and using data science tools to suggest and evaluate the solution. The process is iterative and we ensure there is close alignment with key business stakeholders to capture feedback and adapt accordingly.

What is your greatest success so far?
In the last few months, we’ve been working on a prediction model to help optimise our performance across all business units; which has received very positive feedback following its recent release. A big win for the team! 

What makes AlphaSights unique?
I enjoy the advantages of a high-growth firm; moving fast, making mistakes, learning, and iterating while we continue to scale up.

What are you passionate about?

I’m most passionate about making an impact. 

What is something interesting that you recently learned?

We’ve used the word2vec model, a group of related models that are used to produce word embeddings, to find similarities between advisors and improve our sourcing efforts.