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Elizabeth Lucas

Client Service
Joined AlphaSights



Gaborone, Botswana


University of Melbourne, BA in Accounting & Finance; Dual Masters in Management & International Entrepreneurship through University of Sydney, Stockholm School of Economics, and Rotterdam School of Management


Blogging, Cooking, Traveling, Cycling

Why did you join AlphaSights?

I’ve always wanted to ultimately be an entrepreneur and build my own company long-term. AlphaSights fit into this vision very well. I knew I was going to have responsibility and ownership over my work from day one, plus have the opportunity to acquire long-term managerial skills that are needed to succeed when I start my own company one day.

Tell me about your position at AlphaSights.
I’m currently a Manager for one of our major consulting clients. I’m responsible for client users in the Middle East and Africa. I love my role because I not only get to build strong relationships with a variety of client users, but I also lead a team of associates to ensure we connect our client to the best knowledge possible to answer their most pressing questions, and ultimately deliver valuable solutions to their end clients.

What is your greatest success so far?
My greatest success so far is seeing the world! I’ve been to 45 countries and counting over the last 4 years alone and I aim to see as much as I possibly can. Experiencing and learning from other countries and cultures is something I’ve always been passionate about.

What makes AlphaSights unique? 

The company’s investment in talent both professionally and personally. I feel cared for as an employee beyond just my commercial contribution, and am encouraged to pursue my professional interests and passions here to grow in my career and reach my full potential.

What are you passionate about?
Growing talent and creating future leaders of tomorrow is very important to me. As a manager, I not only get to develop into a leader myself, but also am invested in each and every member of my team to make sure they reach the career paths they aspire to, whatever that may be.